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Amherst Tap Room


What better way to enjoy the distinct, masterful taste of Central Waters brews than right at the source, amid sweet brewing aromas and floor-to-ceiling tanks fermenting thousands of future sips.

Check out what’s on tap today.

We offer indoor seating at the taproom bar, as well as tables, seating, and fire rings outdoors in our beer garden.

Not in the Central Wisconsin area? We now have a Milwaukee Tap Room location.


We’re over the moon to be celebrating our 25th year of supplying great beer to our loyal fans!  We’ve come a long way from a teeny-tiny building in Junction City, WI those first nine years. We later moved to a sprawling production and aging facility in quiet Amherst, and then took on the noise of big city life with our pilot brewery in Milwaukee. Our passion is stronger than ever.

Over the years, our anniversary celebration has become synonymous with barrel aged beer. Many months ago, we started planning on ways to make this year one of the best.  Our birthday beer is always a blend of various barrel types and unique base beers – for these upcoming releases (brewery only, MKE and Amherst) we set aside special barrels and aging times for these. Some beers we are rolling out have never seen release on their own! Stay tuned for future announcements throughout the summer, but the third release will be happening on June 3rd.

Champagne label – Two bottle limit

Our next beer from 18 year old Elijah Craig barrels.  These barrels, while hard to get, have quickly become one of our favorites to dabble with.  Aged for 35 months, and clocking in at 15.2% ABV we specifically designed this beer to be slightly lower in alcohol and higher in body than its counterpart.  Dark chocolate, vanilla, and a finely aged bourbon dominate this flavor profile.

Teal label – Two bottle limit

Our preferred barrel to use in our barrel aging program since 2012 has always been the Elijah Craig 12 year old. This beer epitomizes the quality of these barrels.  The stories we have, of trying to consistently attain these barrels through the years, could fill more than a nice summer evening by the campfire.  It has been a wild ride trying to get barrels before the internet made things widely accessible to all of us, but these barrels made it all worth the challenge.  Aged 47 months, we designed this beer to be slightly lighter in body but higher in alcohol to showcase the quality of these barrels.   Flavor is dominated by barrel tannins – slightly smoke and vanilla, butterscotch, and at the right temperature, a hint of toasted coconut.

Bottle sales will happen through the barrel house garage door, with sales beginning at 10am.
We will accept cash or credit for bottle sales.
The tap room will also be open at 10am, and both beers will be available to enjoy on tap.

**Please contact the location of your choosing to see about availability.**

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Free brewery tours

Experience what goes into making the dozens of authentically distinct craft brews fans like you have come to crave. From brewery beginnings to barrel-aged perfection.

Plan Your Visit


We do not serve food at this time. However, you are welcome to bring food in with you. Occasionally we have food trucks with us on the weekends. Message us on Facebook to see who’s scheduled. We do have a variety of flavored popcorn and snacks for sale.

Do you take reservations?

Unfortunately, we do not. Looking for a spot for a group? We have a room that is attached to our taproom available for rent. We require a non-refundable deposit of $300 to reserve the room, and $250 of the deposit is credited toward your drink bill, with the remainder of the money going toward gratuity. We do not provide wait staff or food, but you are welcomed to have catering brought in. No hard liquor is allowed on the property. Our room accommodates about 50 people. Please call the brewery at 715-824-2739 for more information.

Bring the family!

Our facility is family friendly. Anyone under 21 is welcomed at the brewery and on our tour if they are accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian. However it is our policy to only serve alcohol to people if they are 21 or over. Our taproom is not pet-friendly but you are welcome to have your pet accompany you in the outdoor beer garden.

Beer not your thing?

Aside from the products featured on our tap list, we do offer a variety of wines, cider, shrubs, sodas, and Coke products.

Tap Talks

Grab a brew and talk nature preservation and wildlife conservation with university professors, TV/film experts and others who have inside knowledge about topics impacting our Midwest waters, lands and skies.

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