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Donation Request Process & Policies

The Central Waters team is dedicated to supporting local community organizations.  While it is our goal to fulfill as many requests as possible, we receive thousands of inquiries every year, and we are unable to honor every request.  

It is important to note the following guidelines for requesting and receiving a Central Waters Brewing Company donation:

  • All charitable donation requests must be made via the below online donation form.  We cannot accept mailed documents, emails, or social media requests for charitable donations.
  • Requests must be made a minimum of 30 days prior to the event date.  If your event is within 30 days of your request, it will be declined.  Organizations (if approved) can only receive one (1) donation per calendar year.
  • Please fill out the donation request form completely.  We use only this form to determine whether or not to approve the request.  The volume of requests does not allow time for us to check out your website or dig further for more information on your event.  Please be sure to give us all the information we would need to understand what your request entails, and why Central Waters would want to support.
  • Completing the donation request form does not guarantee a donation.
  • If your request is approved, you will receive an official confirmation by email, so please include a valid email address and contact information.

Central Waters Brewing Company respectfully declines to support the following:

  • Requests intended for personal or corporate profit
  • Personal events such as weddings or birthday parties
  • Sports teams/bands or musicians: there are simply too many bands and sports teams
  • PTA groups, school events, and events involving children: though the children might not be present for your event, we feel mixing alcohol with events for children does not send an appropriate message.